All this mobile and app stuff sounds great...
So where do you start? Get your questions answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why offer a mobile app?
    We're entering what has been referred to a "mobile first" world. Simply put, this means that more and more people are going to their mobile phone or tablet FIRST for news, personal communications, and social interactions.  Tablet and smartphone sales are exploding and we will continue to see incremental gains in consumption on those devices.  With your business app you will have a direct connection to your users right on their communication device of choice.  Your app can facilitate communication, help build community, in turn getting you more repeat visits and that = more $$$$!
  • Can we update the content on our app?
    Absolutely! You will have a dedicated login to access our easy-to-use CMS.  This allows you to make real-time content changes on the fly without waiting for a full app update.  Our point-and-click interface makes it simple for anyone to update the content on their app.
  • Why not simply offer a mobile website?
    In today’s society, having a web site that is readable on a mobile phone is ALSO an absolute must. Your new customers are searching the web right now on their phone. The mobile web site is critical for you to be found, to gain new customers. The app is critical for dazzling them with your delicious photo gallery, for incorporating features native to their device, and especially for engaging and retaining them, converting them to loyal repeat customers. That’s why you need both a mobile web site AND an app!!
  • Will the app work on iPhones? How about Android?
    We thought it was important that our apps work across the major platforms. They will work on the iPhone (iOS) platform as well as Android and HTML5.   Our customers prefer a "one price covers all" pricing structure instead charging for each platform separately
  • Do I have to pay extra for certain features?
    No. All current features are included.  We are also adding new features periodically, which you will have access to under your subscription.  We utilize customer feedback as a guide to future functionality on our app platform.
  • How long will it take for our app to go live?
    Our custom development team  will work with you regarding the content and will have a working demo within a few working days of finalizing your needs.  Once approved, we will publish your app to Apple's AppStore.  It generally takes them four to six weeks to approve new apps and then it will be available for download in the AppStore.  Publishing to the Google PlayStore is more streamlined with new apps being approved in 7-10 days.
  • How much will my app cost?
    Businesses routinely spend over $2,000 on a single Yellow Pages ad, block of radio ads, or billboard – and that’s every single month. Many companies have paid more than $30,000 to get a basic mobile app developed that lacks many of the features now standard on our apps. Today, thanks to major recent software innovations, we can design a visually striking app loaded with the hottest, most useful features for only $1995, maintenance and hosting are just $59.95 per month, and that's it! We’ll even include a fully functional mobile web site for you at no extra charge, completing the “mobile-ization” of your business in one super user-friendly, professional package! 
  • Why are there monthly fees?
    By storing your content within our platform hosted on cloud servers you are able to update your content in real time without forcing a full update at Apple & Google. These servers host the platform and content management system as well as backups.  We're also continually programming improvements to the platform as well as adding new features.
  • What if we want to make major changes to the look and feel of the app down the road?
    Not a problem!  You will have full access to make changes to your app with your admin login.  You can change content, update images, re-order tabs, etc.  Our development team is also available for hire on a project basis if you want a complete makeover or just need something cleaned up.

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